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Viscom + Uniform Project = ♥

Where fashion and sustainability comes together

VC:UP & Love

VCUP logo



A group of Year 4 students in ADM Visual Communications has embarked on a self-initiated, one-month-long project, VC:UP 2010.

The rationale of the VC:UP 2010 stemmed from a very simple motivation: To rally a bunch of wonderful people from the School of Art, Design and Media from Nanyang Technological University to do something that could potentially better people's lives in a realistic & respectful way - instead of painting sad, romantic stories about people who need help in our society.

Inspired by Sheena Matheiken's original Uniform Project,
we embark on the project with the same motivations:
"Revolutionize the way people perceive ethical fashion and place social responsibility at the center of consumer culture.
Use fashion as a vehicle to make acts of charity more inspired and playful, enabling individuals to rise as role models of style, sustainability and social consciousness."



Here's what the VCUP is about:
3 pieces of clothing, 1 month, 1 cause.
We are only allowed to accessorize/layer with items that are
vintage, donated, pre-owned, borrowed in this month.

Duration of project: 1 Nov – 30 Nov 2010

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=160859997275209&ref=ts
Livejournal community: http://community.livejournal.com/vcup2010


Here lies the crux of the project: helping kids go to school.

Here's what you can do:

1. Donate to our cause.

VC:UP's charity of choice is The Breadline Group, a local non-profit community service that serves the poor and elderly in Singapore. More specifically, VC:UP will be donating 100% of its donations towards school-going children from low-income families in Singapore. For more info on our pledge to the Breadline Group and for information on how to donate, click here.

Donation line closes 7 November 2010. Hurry & help us to support school-going children from low-income families!

2. Participate in spirit.

Pledge with us by simply abstaining from purchasing any apparel and/or fashion item for a month. Unsustainable consumerism and our generation's culture to consume, purchase and buy our way through life is causing our planet's resources to deplete at an alarming rate. A small change to our lifestyles will go a long way in changing this.

3. Spread the word.

Like all good things, VC:UP needs to get out there. Tell your family and friends; let your colleagues and Facebook acquaintances know. This project is ultimately about us helping these children, so any and all publicity would be absolutely welcome.


Today, we are consuming twice the amount of what Earth can reproduce. This is dangerous. But we still have a little bit of time to undo the mess we have made of our world today. We stand at the gap, where we could be the catalyst for change.

By changing our spending habits and lifestyle - even by just a little -, we can go a huge way in long-term sustainability. It is in this that we can have a direct impact on making this world a better place. This UP leverages on this fact: what if - in an act to counter a consumerist culture - we can simultaneously help people in our society who are left behind?

Welcome to the VC:UP 2010.

December 3rd, 2010

Day 30: sorry for the late update, I've been feeling a little under the weather lately so I was late in posting this image~ Anyway! If you think I look taller in this post, that is because of my lovely 2.5 inch boots (details under the cut) and I must say that although heels are the most empowering thing ever, I really must get used to them before walking around the whole day in them *wince* I love them of course, but when I took them off in the evening I could barely walk ^_^;

Lovely boots, and a tribute to the things that supported me these last 30 daysCollapse )

December 1st, 2010

Day 29: I have mixed feelings about this outfit really, it was a valiant attempt to try and use the fluffiness of the upper part of the dress as a collar. Also, the last day's outfit (already planned) should be quite nice so the last entry can be something to end on, look forward to it! X3

Trying to differentiate the collar from the patternCollapse )

Day 28: This may have ended up being a little too formal for the meeting, but I was rather grateful for the warmth the jacket provided for the rest of the day. Rushed back to school to get somethings done after the meeting, I can't get simpler than a jacket and the dress, really :)

Day 27: Cold


Day 27: A simple variation on the white dress with a grey vest and checkered scarf! Not much to say today~

Day 26: to date, this has to be the shortest I've worn my dress to match my PUMA jacket (a 20th birthday present from my eldest brother). I usually can't bear to wear it to school for fear of getting it dirty, but once in a while isn't too bad~

I actually do like this look quite a lot. does this improvisation of a tennis outfit work with this dress though?I had to pleat the skirt and paint my red shoes to make it look like sneakers (the latter was already something I've wanted to do for a while).

Day 25: Met up with Rachel, Cheng Guan and Elena in the lab and had our photo taken by Yvonne~<3 my shirt had ruffles and I was wearing heels, hence the illusion that I'm a little taller (not that it helped next to Cheng Guan who was in the back). I need to break the habit of black tops with the blue dress, but I've realised that almost all of my cardigans are black ;_;

and a different pose!Collapse )

Day 24: A lazy day working in school in my battered (and mildly purple stained) jacket. I really wish the hoodie was better made though, the cut of the hoodie make it look like a triangular hat which I really don't like
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