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Viscom + Uniform Project = ♥

day 30: last entry for me

day 30: last entry for me

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Day 30: sorry for the late update, I've been feeling a little under the weather lately so I was late in posting this image~ Anyway! If you think I look taller in this post, that is because of my lovely 2.5 inch boots (details under the cut) and I must say that although heels are the most empowering thing ever, I really must get used to them before walking around the whole day in them *wince* I love them of course, but when I took them off in the evening I could barely walk ^_^;

This pair of boots was practically a gift from a dear friend who found them too large for her after she brought them back from Australia, extremely stable for heels this high, and the design just looks awesome~

These are the pins which held the folds of my dresses together for the last 30 days. See the ones bent out of shape? I wasn't exactly very kind to these pins I'm afraid, each outfit could take up to at most four variations in a day which meant pinning and unpicking these pins many, many times. Credit here also goes to my mum who graciously helped ensure that my outfits will never fall apart (especially at the sides and at the back) and who provided me with very helpful hints (like "are you sure you want to walk out like that?) as to how I can improvise some of my outfits.

It's been a most trying month, particularly in view of the fact that I rarely dress up to come to school (as can be testified by the compliments I got when I actually did make an effort) and to create new looks for dresses that emphasised the silhouette (instead of just the folds for the pattern drowned out the details) using pins was really exhausting. I think I learnt quite a bit about style combinations and the difference a few long-forgotten well-cut clothes could make to my wardrobe, and colour is definitely something I would eventually want to experiment more with.

All in all, I've gained a newfound respect for the cut of clothes and for people who continue to innovate on a budget (that they may or may not be able to affect). Our pledge lines for donations are still open, so please do donate if you support us and our cause, and thank you for following us till now! This is Judith signing off and wishing everyone a good holiday ahead (well, after submissions and exams anyway)~<3
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